Provo River Trail 1/2 Marathon
August 9, 2008 (Party)

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This is a real trail run Paved, Dirt and deer trail. hope you like adventure

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bus 5:00 AM
6:30- 7:am AM start

13.1 Mile



Remember, to be at bus pick up early Park @ 4:45am, as run starts at Close to 6:30am 7:am
2nd waive of bus's may be late, runners will start at 6:30am

The morning of It is really easy to get to parking for the 16th Annual Provo River 1/2 Marathon.

Traveling on I-15 Freeway going south, from SLC.
Get off at the 800 North exit in Orem. The center street exit will be closed for construction.
Go east towards the Mountains a couple of miles.
You will go past 800 East (Red-light in Orem).
You will go down a hill to the base of Provo Canyon and merge onto University Ave heading south.
After about a mile you'll turn right into the Shops@Riverwoods (Big Shopping center & You must Park @ Shops at RiverWoods do not park on the road that is were you will run).


1.) Park. (Parking is by Movie Theater, 4800 North)
    4:50 AM You will be directed to walk to the bus to get your bib#.
2.) Then get on the bus.

      Marathon Bus Leaves 5:00 AM, last bus5:30 AM; BUS WILL LEAVE!!
     Be there early, to ride to the top of the canyon
, we bus you up to south fork.

     (Please do not drive to the start.)

3.) You will Run back on the trail to were you parked. Finish is at Shops @ Riverwoods this year not the park.
     (Restrooms will be available if you need them as you run to Riverview park, where you will eat Pancakes, fruit & drink, Pick up your T-shirt at finish.

     Park at Shops@Riverwoods
     Get your bib 4:30 :am& be on the bus before 5:30 AM
     You need to be on the bus before 5:30 AM to ride the bus up the canyon to 6:30-7:00 AM start. Be early!!
     Water stations every couple of miles & Finish

Thanks see
you on the trail

Registration Closes When Full, Register early!

Emails from a few of past years runners:

(This is what they said about Provo Canyon the run). Terrific event! Thank you. The course was hypnotically gorgeous. Forget making good time, relax and enjoy this special event is my own recommendation. Since I was recovering from an injury, I had little choice but was determined not to miss this run. This event deserves a high rank among the nation's best runs. No runs like this in Florida where I had been running until this year. I am never going back to Florida. Larry Kase, Park City I wanted to say thanks for opportunity to participate in one of the best Half Marathons I have run. It was science, extremely well organized and well thought out. Great job to all involved I look forward to next year. Joh Maack
Hi Guys, Thank you for what was the best organized race that I have participated in since moving here last year. I plan to make this an annual one for me. Please send me info again for next year. My E-mail address will be the same. Thanks again!
Robert Ball

Dear Provo River 1/2 marathon, Thank you for all your hard work this year to make this run absolutely a joy for me and many others. I loved it. This was my first year because in the past I have not been able to get in. It works great into my training program for St George marathon. I would appreciate it if I could be considered to run this race again next year. Please email me at the appropriate time: Thank you and keep up the great work............and the great running.
Hillary Anderson

Thanks for a beautiful and fun run. I can see why the members of my club love it so (Locomotion). It was my first Provo River 1/2. Thanks for all your efforts. I enjoy also hearing from you through email.
Provo River Half Marathon

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