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Moab Marathon - April 4th, 2009: Map is the old map but shows Close to 6:am cool start. Scroll down to see more info on the run.
Map/This is the land around road/The road is flatter than map shows. Map shows 2% overall slight down 26.2. Very easy downhill.

This year the Marathon will be april 4th 09 any ?s call 801-372-7867
You will be picked up at Aarchwayin Sat. Moring. You can get Bib # Friday eve. also at Aarchwayinn.

New Change in course this year, slight up after 1.5 miles, to mile 8, then down or rolling, last 2 miles is dirt not as easy.
Talking with runners today, from last years Moab Spring run,
Last years runners were excited when told there is a new course.
Runners said they would like to run the new Course at dead horse point road, April 1st, Marathon 26.2 Marathon.
This new course is different than last year. (Much more runner friendly.)
The run 1st 8 miles has some down then up until you start on the bike lane at 8 Mile mark, has an easy fairly continuous slight downhill for most of the course, w/ slight up last 2 miles on dirt trail.
The drop comes after mile 8 in the the run.

This is one of the best courses in the State of Utah, for an easy long
distance run, and a perfect time of year. Early Morning start, 7:am.

What makes this course even a better course, very little traffic goes
out to dead horse point early in the morning, it is a dead end road with side bike/run paths on both side of road, then goes onto a paved trail.

The road turns to a paved trail as it goes under the new highway, go under highway into a tunnel under highway 191, east of Arches.
The Marathon April 1st 2006 will continue on a mostly new paved trail, w/2 miles of trail, we finish close to where you park.

(Next Year April 4st, 2009 run is a great course great, a reason to go Moab.



This is a new Marathon course on April 4st 2009 The best course, 8 miles flat or up, then slight easy down hill 2 miles slight up hill at last 2 miles.

This 15 mile run is a great course.

Run along Dead horse point rd. (Canyon Lands Rd.)

Run down highway 313 (side of road on the bike lane, at highway 191 go under the highway, to a new dirt bike path tunnel and turn left, not as easy on dirt road/trail. Run north, Finish close to where you got on bus (ArchView Campground

Drinks, Fruit, & Pancakes.


Login & Sign up for Events (click here now)
Login in, this will put you on a list to recieve more info for April 16th. Get your bib#s at Aarchwayinn,
Friday night Bib Pick up, best place to stay is:


Host hotel www.aarchwayinn.com 1/4 mile from Colorado river bridge.

Reasons to Run Moab 15 & Marathon 2005

  1. Easy downhill for miles, the rest of the Marathon is fairly easy with a, down grade on the Bike Path of Highway 313 Dead Horse Point Rd.

  2. Those who know Trailrun.com, we have a great Shirt-(Arches), Pancakes.

  3. Point to Point run, sign up soon, register early before event is filled (we are limited in number of runners for Marathon 2005, due to 1st year on this course).

  4. While in the area visit by bike or hike the great National Park.

    You Will Catch the Bus for the Marathon (Aarchview Campground 5:45-6:00am, start 7:00 am, runners say they want to start early; in the morning. Be at
  5. Hotel Sponsor Friday eve and sat.
  6. www.aarchwayinn.com .

Thanks we are working to make this a great experience for you.

April 16th 05 weather Past years.

www.weather.com Saturday Partly Cloudy 74°/40° in 2005 in (Moab) cooler at the top.

We are adding more info as we get closer.

15 mile run April 16th



Old Trailrun site

2005 TrailRun.com


Moab Marathon.com

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Bus 5:45-6:00am
Start 7:00am
You will be bussed back from finish of Marathon

Creating Memories That Last Forever


26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers) / K

Online Registration click here
You will need to create an account on trailrun.com in order to register for the event. Thank you.
$45.00 for Marathon $25.00 for K

Please login: More info will be sent to you after you have created an account. Thank you, see you in April.

MAPS - Provided by

Bar-M Chuckwagon

Gemini Bridges intersect hwy 191