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Moab Marathon -

Earlier than 6:30 am Start (keepin cool)
Finish run in 5hrs:30 min, cut off time or possible to start early.

We are having a small group this year.

Moab Marathon Runners, all of you, runners last year said they really liked the small group out in nature running in the solitude of the Canyons.
We did not advertise this year, due to construction, and late permission.

Runners will arrive Friday April 8th, eve. to get bib # at Aarchway Inn, that is the north end of Moab, 1st Hotel as you cross the Colorado river on the Hotel is on the west side of road going into Moab.

The Colorado River Car Bridge is under construction, we finish at www.aarchwayinn.com , Saturday morning crossing the new Foot Bridge, (wow it is Really Nice) we have waited since 2004 to cross this Bridge.
Due to construction,

Please tell family Friends!. Park at Aarchway inn.
sat. morning. you need to be at Aarchwayinn, Saturday, 4:45am on bus at 5:am.

Friday eve: Get Your Bib, #s Medallions, Shirts, and directions Friday eve. for Saturday morning bus ride.
If you come early or late Friday, the desk should be able to help you or call curt, 801-372-7867 I may be up in the canyon, leave a message,

Runners will be picked up Sat. Morning 5:am, in front of Aarchway inn, parking, in Dirt lot to North of Hotel.
40 passenger bus,

Bring sweats to the top, they will be brought down by crew. Bring your own gu -gel, as we cant have any trash dropped out in nature in such a majestic beautiful area, P.S. you will cross 4 cattle guards, w/plywood covering. You must stay in the bike lane not on road.
Aid stations 3-2 miles apart. A lot of Downhill, remember some up hill.
At mile 19-23 will be the old dirt trail, running west of Arches, going down the canyon, easy downhill, past Arches N.P.
You must stop for cars going into Arches, crosswalk, not that many cars, but watch for them. This really is a beautiful run, beautiful, peaceful and memorable.
The Moab Marathon will grow, in part due to your supporting this run this year 2011.
Next year we may also have a shorter distance and relay as past years.
Thanks see you Friday eve.
Curt & Crew

Run is a fun course. Look forward to a fun finish, with food, fruit and drinks.

Moab Marathon, a beautiful run, slow down the pace of life and enjoy nature. This is a Very casual event.
Get your Bib # Friday April 3rd 6 pm- closing at Archwayinn
Water & power aid stations 3- miles apart.

Marathon runners, will get dropped 5 miles down from dead horse point, that allows us to run Colorado River Foot Bridge, the finish. Then Drive a very short distance back to aarchwayinn.

1st van will pick runners up at Aarchway Inn sat. park before 4:30 am 1st van leaves 5:30am, so dont be late!

Get info at Friday bib # pick up. We hope to get an early start.

Thank you for Visiting MoabMarathon.com 2011 is the 7th year, This year the course starts on the way to Dead Horse state park, as you run see arches, and the Colorado river Canyon. We thank you for coming.
We are build this event into a very runner friendly (not so Competitive), a very peaceful and beautiful event for years to come.
See info Below for Marathon or Click for Map Change in course


Ride the van, van picks runners up Park car at 5:am sat. It is best to stay at Aarchway Inn Due to jeep safari starting this next week, Motel last yearwas full, you can stay at Holiday or Riverside motels are close also, if you register early.

Start time; close to at Top: 6:00 am or earlier.
Finish run in 5hrs:30 min, cut off time. or if you walk/run start early.
We would ask If you walk /run please start the run early. It gets warm.

Weather for Moab this time of year Can get warm in afternoon. Cool Morning Start at 6:am tba 6,100 ft. at Dead Horse State Park. Please do not drive to the top or have anyone drop you off, as no one allowed.

Again, Friday eve. to get your Bib #s friday eve. at Friday afternoon and eve.

Start; Close to Dead Horse State Park Boarder, mile 5, Bus ride only, One of the Best Scenic Views in the Southwest.
Very little traffic on this course early in the morning.
26.2 mile Course; Run down to mile.
Miles 2 are Flat & slight uphill, from here the Moab Marathon is fairly easy with a, slight down grade.
(Runners must stay on the right side Bike Path of Highway 313 Dead Horse Point Rd. at all times!). Some rolling hills, and downhill to
(end by 191 colorado river), Map click link.
Run on the right side of Highway 191 cones ( north of Moab)

Van, leave tba pick up sat morning ( We are deciding dependent on how needed this is usually a small group.
See you At tba Friday afternoon- 6pm- eve. for bib pick up.


Moab Has so many great places to Hike, Bike, River Run with www.westernriver.com Moab Adventure Center, let them take you for a ride on the Colorado River.


This is a new Marathon course on tba The best course, slight easy down hill almost all the way.

Course start for the Marathon tba is up Dead horse point rd. The finish is close to the Colorado river. This years Marathon will be limited to a small number of runners, 2nd year, but it is 1st year on this course, wish to keep the run runner friendly and fun.

Elevation of Marathon start Close to 6100' easy downhill 3950' Ft. elev. at river.

A few email from last year.

Thanks for a great race on Saturday. In my typically slow time, I enjoyed every step of the course. Well organized for a layed back event. I especially liked starting a little early and next year plan to race again. You are a great host.
Gary S.

Curt and Chad , you guys did great ! Thanks for your effort to make the run possible for all of us who like to run.Scenery was great ,weather was great and course was very nice.Surprised there wasn't more runners for the stats being so highly rated.Post this if you like.Adam from Denver

2008 we had a relay, only a 26.2 run in 2009
Team relay, 10 mile into run is mile 14 Lookout w/restroom. 2nd leg.
At intersection of 313 & 191 mile 22 3rd leg.
If you wish to run a team relay, you can run 10 8.4-& 7.8 mile legs.
Team runners can relay each other in their car. but must move soon down the course. More info to come, hope to bring back the 2010 RELAY.

"A Gem in a Remarkable Setting (2005)
Course: 5 Organization: 5 Fans: 1
A Y from South Dakota (5/9/05)
11-50 previous marathons | 1 Moab Marathon
I wish the word 'awesome' was not so over-used, as that is the best way to describe this course. Pictures of the Arches and Canyonlands give you the idea, but there is no substitute for being there. My first trip to Utah will certainly not be my last!
This is a small race in a spectacular location. At times, you may be running with no one else around you; I found this a pure positive. [Really, it seems unfair not to give this race 5 stars because of lack of spectators--I would have found them to be distracting.] It allows you to appreciate the grandeur of the vistas, rock formations, and to engage in the sort of reflection we so seldom seem to have time for anymore. If you want a run where you can glory in the beauty and solitude of nature, not to mention the joy of running, sign up for this race.
The course is mostly downhill, which most folks found to be a plus. (I prefer more variety, as do my quads, but I am in the minority on that, I know). The first few miles are not downhill, and I heard some few comments about altitude, but my impression was those were minor concerns. At the finish, I heard only very positive remarks from other runners about the course and their experiences.
The organization was great. Easy packet pick up, great place to wait for the buses, portapotties at the start, no-glitches with baggage handling and good aid support. The finisher medals are unique, as befits this very special race. I hope I can make it an annual event. Kudos to the race director (and his son) and all the hard-working volunteers." Amy Y

Good Morning Curt.

I need to tell you what a great time I had at the Moab marathon. My quads are still screaming this morning but other than that I'm recovering well.
What a great course! I loved the scenery, the cool temperatures, light rain and the variety of the course. What I especially enjoyed was the camaraderie of the small crowd and the interaction with the people that I met. They were all so friendly from the ride up on the bus to those that had already finished waiting at the finish line to congratulate those still coming in behind them. I met and visited with people from Colorado Springs, Calgary, Huntsville, Denver and was surprised by the number of out-of-state people. I was tickled to see some of the runners take you permission to start early and not be troubled by a rigid agenda. I haven't felt this good about a race
for a long time. Thanks so much for the personalize medallion and especially the "Deadhorse" plaque; too funny. The pancakes were a nice touch along with the casual atmosphere. I have told everyone here what a great time I had had encouraged them to either race or volunteer for an aid station next year. Of all of the races that I have run this certainly ranks in the top five. I hope the parks service will cooperate in years to come to keep this an annual event.
Thanks again,

I had a great time at the 2005 Moab Marathon. I know the organization did a great job because all I had to think about was running. Give my thanks to your organization, volunteers and yourself. See you next year. Mike R

Hi there! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the fantastic job race organizers and volunteers did at the Moab Marathon yesterday. It was a well organized event that ran very smoothly. You can't beat the scenery! I was so distracted by the beautiful surroundings that it didn't seem like I was running a marathon at all. I am a veteran of many marathons, and the finisher's medal was the best I have ever received. Thank you for personalizing our medals. That was a nice touch. Aid stations were plentiful, the volunteers friendly, the mile-markers easy to see, post-race pancakes were yummy....a first class race all around. My only criticism was the fact that when we picked up our packets no one seemed to know where the finishing area was, making it difficult for friends and family that traveled with us. We asked several people and no one knew where the race ended. One other suggestion would be to make sure that there is plenty of fluid at the finish line. I couldn't find any water or Power-Ade in the finish area.Please keep the race small. I will definitely be back! THANKS AGAIN! Shawna C

Runners Sat. April 16th 2005
said; It is a wonderful Course! (Middle 25k) of 26.2 Moab Marathon.

In 2005 the 25k was in April, we are looking at May 7th
Sat. April 16th a few of the 25k email that came in.

I participated in the 25K last Saturday and it was wonderful! I have run the St. George Marathon twice, and several half marathons. This was the best race I have ever been involved in. The people running were so much fun. The staff was friendly and the aid stations were well organized. I couldn't believe the scenery around us as we ran. It was breathtaking! I have told so many friends and family members about this race and hope that they will join me in years to come.
Thanks again! Ashley R.

" We enjoyed the 25k Moab race. It was our first run ever. Your support staff was courteous and encouraging, even the Highway Patrolman was great. "

"It was terrific! The course was absolutely wonderful, so beautiful as to almost be distracting. The water/Poweraid stops were well placed, the staff positive and helpful, the course not too difficult in terms of grade or staying on it. It was an absolutely awesome experience that I would highly recommend to everyone. Thanks for putting up with an old geezer who kept your finish crew longer than most, but who had an amazingly positive memory-making experience with his daughter. Everyone associated with your race team should know they did a fabulous job at making the runners feel welcome and encouraged!"

"Thank you again for the great event on Saturday. It was awesome. We hope to get a group together from Zuni for next year's run."

Still looking for a place, Stay at Finish area: Camp or motor home. http://www.riversideoasis.com/ Campground, you can walk to the finish line. Click to go to Camp site link.

The First Year On This Course, perfect for an Early Morning run.
The run is an easy slight downhill, about a 3% Degree down hill overall, with really very little uphill... Perfect!
The Marathon Start is at Dead Horse Point this year26.2
The Finish is 8 Miles out of Moab Miles out of Moab, 1/2 mile from Dead Horse Point State Park Boarder.

Moab Has so many great places to Hike, Bike, River Run with www.westernriver.com Moab Adventure Center, let them take you for a ride on the Colorado River.


This is a new Marathon course on April 1st The best course, slight Down for 1.5 miles then flat slight up to mile 8, slight easy down hill almost all the way with 2 miles slight up at finish on a dirt trail/road, finish close to ArchView Campground were you park at 5:30 am.

Course start for the Marathon April 1st is up at Dead horse point rd. Overlooking the Colorado river. The finish is close Archview Campground 8 miles out of Moab on Highway 191 on the way to Freeway I-70. This years Marathon will be a small number of runners, 3nd year, but it is 1st year to start at Dead Horse Point State Park Course, is Beautiful And Peaceful runners commented last year, we wish to keep the run runner friendly and fun.

Elevation of Marathon start Close to 6100' easy flat, then down, then last couple of miles are on dirt and rolling.

This 15 mile run is a great course.

The run is an easy slight downhill, with really no uphills, perfect.
Aid staitions 3-2 miles apart


Drinks, Fruit, & Pancakes.

The starts: this is an easy down hill run.


Look forward to one of the most
beautiful courses.

Login & Sign up for Events (click here now)
Login in, this will put you on a list to recieve more info for running. Get your bib#s at Aarchwayinn,
Friday night Bib Pick up, best place to stay is:

www.aarchwayinn.comGet reservations early.

Call 800-813-6622 (435) 259-7854 Archview Campground
This is a great spot to finish and walk to your RV or Campsite.

Host hotel www.aarchwayinn.com 1/4 mile from Colorado river bridge.

Reasons to Run Moab Marathon 2006

  1. Start; Dead Horse State Park Overlook, One of the Best Scenic View in the Southwest. Run down mile 1.5 mi. (Dead Horse state park Visitor Center. Miles 2-8 are Flat & slight uphill, the rest of the Marathon is fairly easy with a, slight down grade (Runners must stay on the right side Bike Path of Highway 313 Dead Horse Point Rd). Some rolling hills, and downhill to mile 20. Mile 22, this at the intersection of highway 91, the road that comes from I-70 and is accross from Archview Campground. Run on the right side of Highway 91 cones ( 9 mi. N. of Moab), run 2 miles mi. 24 run under the trail tunnel turn left, go North, run back 2.2 miles. 2 miles are slight up on dirt trail / road to finish line. last 1/2 mile is single track bike type trail to the finish at Archview Camp Ground.

  2. Those who know Trailrun.com, we have a great Shirt-(Arches), Pancakes, with Music.

  3. Point to Point run, sign up soon, register early before event is filled (we are limited in number of runners for Marathon 2006, due to 1st year on this course).

  4. While in the area visit by bike or hike the great National Park.

    You Will Catch the Bus for the Marathon Bus5:35-6:00am, start 7:00 am, runners say they want to start early; in the morning. Be at Archview Campground early sat. Morning 2006

Thanks we are working to make this a great experience for you.

April 16th weather Past years.

www.weather.com Saturday Partly Cloudy 74°/49° in 2004 in (Moab) cooler at the top.

We are adding more info as we get closer.

15 mile run April 16th



Old Trailrun site

2005 TrailRun.com



Click here for past map
Click Map to enlarge
for Marathon
Bus 5:00-5:30am Aarchwayinn

Start 6:30-7:00am Do Not Drive to start
Run time 5:30 cut off time.
(or Start early if you are walk/run
If you walk /run please start early.
Do not drive to the top start area!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Bus about 5:00-5:30am
Start Before 7:00am

Creating Memories That Last Forever


26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers) / K

Online Registration click here
You will need to create an account on trailrun.com in order to register for the event. Thank you.

early reg. 50$
$55.00 for Marathon (late fee)

$45 Relay team ea.

Please login: More info will be sent to you after you have created an account. Thank you, see you in April.

MAPS - Provided by

Pick up Your! Bib # at www.aarchwayinn.com Friday Afternoon
Gemini Bridges intersect hwy 191